Released for publication on August 15th, 2015, Ken's first published book, "Wildlife's Greatest Connection" is now for sale (see PayPal button below).  Jane Goodall, PhD., says "This is a very worthwhile collection of photographs.  There is something about a mother and child that makes us smile. And the clearly expressed love between family members will touch the hearts of all those who look at these images."
Throughout his life, award-winning wildlife photographer Ken Conger has visited dozens of national parks and wildlife refuges, documenting the candid behaviors of wildlife in their natural habitats. Over the course of his long career in wildlife protection and conservation, he’s witnessed thousands of interactions between animals of countless species, but no type of interaction has been as  memorable as that which occurs between mothers and their offspring. Now, he invites you to share in the experience of these fascinating moments from behind his camera lens.
Using photographic techniques perfected over his forty years in the field, Conger has brought together a compilation of stunning images celebrating the diversity of the special bond that forms between mothers and their young across the animal kingdom.  This collection, which features more than 100 high quality (9"x12"/104 pages), full-color photos, will take you from the jungles of Indonesia to the coasts of Patagonia, from the plains of the Maasai Mara to Conger’s own “backyard” of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.
Handpicked from among the photographs Conger has taken throughout his time as a park ranger in Alaska’s famed Denali National Park, as well as during his experiences on wildlife expeditions within six of the seven continents, the images found in this book showcase more than fifty species. From such rare animals as the elusive, critically endangered tarsier (Borneo) the magnificent African lion, to the more familiar American black bear and the Koala (Australia), Conger describes the events that led to his unique shots, his experience of the moments he spent capturing these fantastic relationships as well as including the image/GPS data.  Join Ken Conger on a photographic journey into the wild, and explore wildlife’s greatest connection.